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Staying on track is relatively easy now. Our time and attendance management software simplifies action toward your achievements. Its more comprehensive range of features can stir magic in your work focus. Look at magical features.

designed to help small and medium businesses. Some of the features are:


Time & Attendance Management

Clock & List Management

Request Approval Management

Leave Management

Over Time Management

Off Duty Management

Out-of-Office Management


Time & Attendance Accuracy Report

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Top Rated Solutions with Automation

If you have tired of losing data, mismanagement of time sheets, and no record of absence and office time out? Witty Manager has got you covered with all the solutions in one application. The Time & Attendance Management software is a powerful tool to manage the entire office and project work hours.

It's fully automated and high on affordability—a perfect solution for the HR team. Make a stress-free plus happy environment with an accurate record of employee absence, time & Attendance Reports, shift management, leave management, and a lot more comprehensive to make a company exceedingly stable.

One Solution for All

The Witty Manager enables you to enjoy a transparent view of your company. It can assist you with a clear view of employee attendance, working time on a project, office time out, leaves, shifts, and much more with incredible clarity. And yes, it's quick and easy!

Simple for All, Effective for All

Witty Manager has made it uncomplicated and accessible for all employees. Its simple and flexible interference enables everyone to keep tracking their potential work time by using a mobile phone or desktop. Now forget the worries of being marked as clocked out; the software keeps track of your shift; if the timer is stopped.

Enable You To Manage Request Approvals

No more stress for the Admin & HR team. The witty Manager is here to assist you with an accurate employee track record to make easy approval for leave requests, overtime, shift swapping, office time out & duty scheduling. Ideal for all the company's HR team!

Manage Clock In & Out Time

It's time to get a fantastice experience tracking real-time clock in & outs. Witty Manager enables every worker to eliminate all the worries that their clock time may have gone out and their working time has gone wasted. It allows you to work your way and achieve all your goals.

Employee Scheduling Management

The Witty Manager has an excellent feature for managing employee time schedules. It can make scheduling incredibly easy through its track record of every employee at your company. Now no more hectic to think about who has the potential to deliver more efficient task accomplishment. Witty Manager can tell the HR and Admin team about every worker's proficiencies.


It is the time to enhance the transparency and stay updated on programmed automation!

Time & Attendance Management
Need assistance evaluating the workers' progress? Just set up an accurate time and attendance management program. It prompts a review of the worker's overall performance. Please use the timesheet to view the employee's arrival and departure times and the time they spend working each day.
Clocked-In List Management
The clock-in list management program is more helpful in organizing and tracking the workers' irregular work hours. Keeping track of the timing of the shifts regularly is the most accessible approach to verifying schedules for days and weeks. Every employee can keep track of their working hours & prevent obstacles.
Request Approval Management
An essential part of doing business is asking for approval. Implementing this approach can help you manage the work of your team members more skillfully and achieve greater consistency, accuracy, and quality across all of your projects.
Leave Management
Managers can permit other employees to request time off, and directors or managers can approve employee requests using a leave management system. Earlier, it could have been done manually, but today's leave management system programs handle it. Estimate the time, deadline lists, accessibility supervisions, authorization procedure, & much more.
Overtime Management
Overtime management applications are utilized to ensure your lineup timetable strategy is sufficient. It is manipulated to make you notice the constraints on maintaining time and hold on to your time indignation.
Off duty Management
Duty Management is set aside to endorse and defend law enforcement mechanisms and their authorities. Since this career does not fulfill the law of authority, it makes cities safer. It increases trust between law enforcement, the companies they deal with, local officials, and the general public.
Out-of-Office Management
It is another easy but significant tool for any organization that operates Office 365 or Exchange Server. The Out of Office Manager makes automatic replies for every worker in the organization.
T&A Reports
T&A reports based on employees' progress will be managed by time and attendance management. It will be organized to check the proper schedule, leave and arrival, and general performance of any employee and submitted as a report to authorities.

T&A software is the best to strengthen every company!

The Comprehensive Need Compelled Us , to Discover The Solution.

High-quality solutions from Witty Manager are offered at highly affordable pricing. The T&A is an innovative and superb methodical program that aids your business in achieving its objectives.

The best method to manage attendance is with this handy software, which is compatible with both iSO and Android platforms. Leave behind the hassles of producing competency reports and tracking T&A. Utilize intelligent devices to become wiser and quickly obtain employee attendance!



Is there a free trial for Witty Manager?

Of course. With our 60-Days trial period, you can experience the software at its finest. It includes management in Human Resources, Projects, and Helpdesk.

After 60 days of trial, you can decide whether to extend your subscription-based upon the plan you choose with the corresponding fee. Witty wants you to fully experience the software before actually going for the paid subscription. We believe in customer-relationship care, and we want to make your business processes better.

How about big businesses?

If you run a big business and have more than 100 employees, contact us immediately. We’d love to discuss what’s best for your organization.

How can I pay?

So far, we only accept payment via Credit Card (Common VISA, AMEX, and MasterCard) and PayPal.

Does Witty Manager have discounts?

Once you have finished your 60 Days trial and you’re satisfied with our services and planning to get a monthly subscription, we highly suggest getting an annual subscription to get a big discount price per plan compared to the total monthly payment. But if you want to stick to the monthly payment, well that’s fine also.

Can I switch plans?

Sure thing. We encourage you to discover a lot of features as much as you want. If it fits you, we’d be glad to offer you a plan based on your needs. Just contact us as soon as possible to cater to your subscriptions.

How secure is Witty Manager?

All data and communication made between you are encrypted using the SSL/HTTPS industry standard, and all passwords are encrypted as well. Our network security system makes sure that all the information is secured and safeguarded and no one but you has full access to it.


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서울특별시 성동구 연무장11길 10 우리큐브빌딩 2층 R256 우편번호 04783



RAJ Bldg., 2nd Floor Unit 2D, 232 McArthur Highway Matina Davao City

+63 (923) 612 4734

+63 (917) 710 4215